Resources for learning iPhone OpenGL ES for Beginner Intermediate Advanced

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Resources for learning iPhone OpenGL ES  ( for Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced )

There are many resources available on internet which help to learn OpenGL ES. But most of us do not have enough patience to make a wide search, compare them and select the best one (or the better one! ).

Even I didn't have patience to do so, when I decided to start learning OpenGL ES. But I didn't have any other option other than keep searching and searching, because of two reasons. one, I was (am still) not that comfortable with complex English grammar and technical words, as I am from a non-English speaking background. And two, I was a newbie in 3D related things. So, after many days of searching I found some good websites and resources to start learning OpenGL ES for iPhone.

I am listing out those resources below.
Hope it may help you. I will keep updating them and make it a long list. Stay Connected!

iPhone OpenGL ES Resources for Beginners / Intermediate

1. Open GL from the ground up - by Jeff LaMarche

This is one the best blog I have seen to start with OpenGL ES for iPhone programming. Any newbie can understand Jeff's style of explaining each lines of code.

There is another reason I went for his blog that is, I started learning iPhone programming from his book (written with Dave Mark) - ' Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK '. I really suggest this book, if you are a beginner in iPhone programming. It covers most of the main features. I am proud to say that I learned the important basics within 30 days with the help of this book and I could stand on my own legs as an iPhone programmer.

Read the blog here

2. Open GL 2.0 for iPhone tutorial - by Ray Wenderlich

This is another good blog to start with OpenGL ES for iPhone programming. Here, Ray explains most of the lines of codes and also included a downloadable sample project along with it. But if you are an absolute beginner and have no idea at all about graphic related things, you may not understand this post 100%. But you can manage it by reading twice or thrice.

3. iPhone-OpenGL-ES tutorial series - by Simon Maurice

One of the popular iPhone-OpenGL ES tutorial series was written by Simon Maurice. But it seems like his original website is currently unavailable. Here, I found a back up copy of his tutorial series. It is very helpful for all levels of programmers ( Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced )

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2. OpenGL ES tutorial for iPhone by Simon Maurice

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